High-Flying Air Show Spirits

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Spirits love to attend special events, but I never expected to see them at the Air Show.

Now I know better.

The Spirits surprised me with their presence at the 2015 Joint Base Andrews Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base.

Jolly Spirits laughed and waved their arms in glee while hanging out on top of the huge cargo planes by Hangar Two.

The giant planes possess a high Spirit attachment, but no sadness surrounded them on this day. The Spirits eagerly anticipated the air show and their joy was contagious.

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Besides the happy Ghosts on the cargo planes, I received two additional unexpected visitors. Sid, my late father-in-law, appeared as I watched the World War II airplanes flying in the show. Sid was a retired Air Force Colonel and he began his career as a pilot on the airfield during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Sid has been gone for many years and I gratefully accepted his visit and reminder of his service.

He truly enjoyed watching the show.

Air Show 1A

The other ghostly attendee may be surprising to some, but due to information I recently received, it wasn’t a surprise to me.  I’ve been working with General Dwight D. Eisenhower and I’ve written a chapter about him in my book, Presidential Souls.

I know the secret as to why he was in attendance at the Air Show, which is revealed in the book.

Air Show 2

Despite being sunburned, hot and tired of waiting in the long bus line after the show, the smiling Spirits kept me entertained. They continued to party, perched on the giant planes, as they cheerfully waved goodbye.

The Air Show was a day to be remembered. Be comforted in knowing that your friends, loved-ones and fallen comrades were with you. They proudly watched the incredible Air Show and participated by cheering, waving and standing by your side.

Air Show 6

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Boardwalk Fries and Saltwater Spirits

Ocean City Boardwalk

    A busy summer beach resort, Ocean City, Maryland, is filled with a fabulous beach, a famous boardwalk and…


   Robby and I recently went on the Ocean City Ghost Walk, where we were introduced to more than a few Spirits who still love to hang out at the beach.

 Robby took pictures during the tour and I pointed out highlights when I “felt” the Spirits. We were lucky enough to capture two Spirits in one of Ocean City’s most notorious haunts – the Atlantic Hotel.


Dr. Charles Purnell is the principle Ghost-in-Residence at the Atlantic Hotel, but I believe there is also a woman hanging out with him. As soon as we approached the hotel, I told Robby I sensed a strong presence on the outside fire-escape stairs. He took pictures and we captured shots of a man and a woman in an old-fashioned bonnet. The pictures are not clear and easier to view from the original source, so I included outlines to point out the Spirits. The photos, though hard to see, back up the strong projected presence before we entered the hotel.


Spirit Walking Up Stairs

Figure Outline 3

Outline of Spirit on Stairs

The Spirit in this picture could be Dr. Purnell. A man is walking up the stairs with his back is to us. He is not wearing a hat and I can make out a coat-sleeve and pants.  

Dr. Purnell is no doubt getting in place to prepare for our visit in his hotel.


Woman with Bonnet


Outline of Woman with Bonnet

This woman is on the same outside stairs. I probably sensed such a strong presence on the fire-escape because there were two Spirits. I can only make out the head of the woman, but she’s wearing an old-fashioned bonnet with a wide brim.  Perhaps she remains by the ocean, like the ladies pictured below, because she wants the blissful times at the Atlantic Hotel to continue forever.  

 1790beach (1)

During the tour we learned about Joanne Trimper and the Ocean City Trimper Carousel. The carousel is the oldest continuously operating carousel in the United States and Joanne loves it so much that she still remains by her favorite Carousel Horse. We learned that Joanne’s perfume scent, “Cristal”, lingers near her Carousel Horse, so we returned the next night to check it out.


“Forever Joanne” Carousel Horse

Robby rode Joanne’s Carousel Horse and when he asked Joanne for a sign that she was near, a sweet scent momentarily drifted past him. Unfortunately, I have no sense of smell so I couldn’t experience the phenomenon, but the look on Robby’s face was genuine shock and surprise when he got the confirmation that he asked for.

Robby described the multitude of aromatic scents surrounding the Carousel and he said there was no one near us with anything resembling the sweet perfume. He said it happened in an instant – as if Joanne walked past him from the front of the horse to the back of the horse and continued past him, after which, the amusement park aromas returned without a trace of Joanne’s perfume.

Suspiciously fast, the perfume scent was there one second and gone the next. Robby was rewarded for riding Joanne’s Horse, even when the ride attendant warned him that Joanne’s Horse didn’t go up and down.

I’ll never forget Robby’s face when Joanne walked between us.

It was a ride I’ll never forget.


I highly recommend the Ocean City Ghost Walk, so if you get the chance, say Hello to…

…the Saltwater Spirits


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OuijaCon 2015

Ouijacon Blog 2


Last week I attended OuijaCon – an original convention honoring the 125th anniversary of the Ouija Board. Held in Baltimore, the city where the Ouija Board originated, the first full day of the event held plenty of surprises…

            …Haunted Keys, Demons and a Séance!


            I don’t work with the Ouija Board, so there was much to learn from the lectures, vendors and museum.

A vendor from Obscura Antiques and Oddities had a collection of old keys and as I conversed with the owner, the keys kept bothering me.  I felt compelled to say something, so I told the gentleman about the powerful energy emanating from the keys.

He surprised me when he said,

“You’re the third person to tell me that today.”

This confirmation told me that these keys were definitely haunted,

 so I moved on.

Ouijacon Blog 1

Haunted Keys

             As I strolled about the convention, I was approached by a Danish researcher and asked to participate in a Ouija Board eye-tracking study. After I was hooked up to the equipment with another volunteer, we proceeded to ask the Ouija Board questions for the study.

            Thankfully, I protected myself before the session, but unfortunately, my male partner was a newcomer to working with Spirit Boards,

and he didn’t.

            We found out about the Ouija Demon.

            During the session, the planchette kept spelling “A,Z,A,Z,A,Z”. It didn’t make sense to us, being Ouija novices, but at the conclusion of the session, the researcher told us about the Demon Zaza or Zozo.

            I told my partner how to protect himself and again…

            …I moved on.

 Ouijacon Blog 3


            The evening ended with a séance guided by Chip Coffey.

About a hundred of us formed a circle and joined hands in an attempt to channel the creator of the Ouija name.

            The origin of the Ouija name is a mystery to this day.

            As a group, the strange noises, names and dark shadows didn’t lead to any definitive conclusions,

but I had a visitor.

Edgar Allan Poe

            Edgar Allan Poe is buried in Baltimore, but I hadn’t been thinking about him and I’ve never been to his grave. He came through to me as soon as the séance began and he told me that the Spirit (or Entity) who gave him his dark stories, was the same Spirit who invented the Ouija Board and was the creator of the Ouija name.

            I withheld this information from the group because I wanted to do some research before drawing any conclusions.

I later discovered the following:

Edgar Allan Poe died in 1849

Modern spiritualism began in 1848

(Poe was dying, so it needed a new outlet?)

The Ouija board is produced in Baltimore in 1890

          This doesn’t identify the Spirit’s name, but I find it interesting that it had an outlet in Edgar Allan Poe,

then moved on to create the Ouija Board.

The timeline fits with the information I was given.

Perhaps that’s why Edgar Allan Poe and the Ouija Board both have Baltimore in common.

            Even more chilling was the fact that the séance was held less than half a mile from Edgar Allan Poe’s gravesite! I didn’t know where it was before OuijaCon, but I know now.

            The events of the evening certainly gave me food for thought and made for a momentous initiation into the World of Ouija!

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The Spirits Speak and They Say: “No Candy”!

Green Tray


I guess it’s not their fault.

I asked.

I had a few decorative items from my daughter’s wedding, but now they had no purpose.

I decided to try working with resin, so I re-purposed them and made three Spirit Boards.

Well, actually they’re Spirit Trays and a Spirit Vase.

Two are made from old silver trays. They both have “Yes” and “No” and the alphabet, and the blue tray has numbers.

Blue Tray

This one is made from a crazy vase that my grandmother gave me. It has three monkeys: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil. I turned it into a Spirit Vase with a Dragon Eye center.

 Monkey Framed 1

Monkey Framed 2

After I finished, I decided to try them out. I work with a pendulum regularly, but usually I ask yes or no questions.

I needed a question that required the answer to be spelled out, so I asked,

“How can I raise my metabolism and lose weight?”

The holidays did their usual damage and I needed to lose a few pounds.

The pendulum clearly spelled out,

“No Candy”


I keep a bowl of candy on the kitchen table and every night I’d have a piece or two.

Just leftover Christmas candy. Hardly significant.

The Spirits were brutal.

I guess it was time to give up the candy.

The Spirit Boards worked.

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A Message From My Father


A Message from My Father

You never know what to expect from the Other Side. For example, when you ask for a message, it might not come from the source that you expected, so you need to be open to alternate forms of communication.

The best case scenario at a group reading is that you get a direct message from the Other Side, in this case, from Kelly Schloer – a gifted psychic and medium.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t get chosen in a group reading, so it’s a loss. Right?


There could be a variety of reasons for not getting a direct message. Perhaps the recipients of the direct messages had a greater need for healing. Their Spirit relatives and Guides were given priority that day.

Perhaps the people in attendance were not all “Believers” and they needed a direct message to convince them that their loved ones were truly with them.

Perhaps the Spirits who came through were stronger and able to push their way to the front of the line!

For whatever reason, if you go to a group reading, you need to pay attention because you could still get a message from the Other Side, like I did.

As I was listening to the messages, my hearing perked up when Kelly spoke to someone and I felt as if it was a message for me too. I asked myself, “Is it my imagination, or were they talking to me?”

Later, Kelly explained to the group that if she didn’t speak to you directly, you could still have received a message that was also meant for you.


Okay, I was convinced that the message was for me, but there was one more sign to come that would seal the deal.

We were at an Elks Lodge and there was a large wall of member photos. During the several hours that I sat in the meeting hall, I was continually drawn to one particular photo. The man didn’t look familiar, yet I kept being drawn to him. He had a black ribbon on his photo, so I assumed that he’d passed. I made a mental note to look at the name when the meeting ended as I was too far away, but when the meeting ended, I forgot and left.

It was cold and late and I had a long drive ahead of me, so I just wanted to get home. As I started the car, I remembered the photo and I wished that I had looked at the name.

It didn’t matter. I knew what name I’d find. I started to drive away, but I had a nagging feeling that I still needed to verify what I already knew. I turned around, braved the cold again and went back to the meeting hall.

As I suspected, the name on the photo was Don.

My father’s name was Donald and he went by Don.

I needed no more proof and I finally headed for home. I had received the message that I was looking for and it was verified, so I was happy.

Thanks Dad. Message received, loud and clear!

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A Wedding Call from the Other Side

photo (2)

We were waiting in the Bridal Suite. The wedding was due to begin in a few hours.

The Wedding Party was outside with the photographer.

It was just myself (Mother-of-the-Bride), my husband (Bride’s father) and the Groom’s mother who witnessed the call.

My husband’s cell phone rang and we heard him say,


“I think you have the wrong number.”

“Who is this?”

I asked him who called and he said it was an older lady and she said her name was Laura.

My maternal grandmother’s name was Laura.

Without the slightest hesitation I told my husband, “It was Grandma DeVore.”

He didn’t argue, in fact, he said it sounded like her. This was an astounding thing for him to say.

She died in 2003.

My husband is a believer, but it has to be pretty convincing evidence. He sat and thought about it, then he looked at the number and asked me to Google the area code to see where the call was from.

I gasped as I told him that it was a Pennsylvania area code.

My grandmother was from Pennsylvania.

A wrong number…an older lady saying her name was Laura…a Pennsylvania area code…on her Great-Granddaughter’s Wedding Day?

There was no doubt about it. This was a call from the Other Side.

My Grandmother was letting us know that she was with us on this joyous occasion.

Thank you Grandma.

I’m so happy you were there.

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Medieval Elephant Encounter


This story does not fall under the category of a ghost hunt, however, it shows that we don’t need to be looking for paranormal or unusual activity in order for it to find us.

I denied my initial conclusions after I saw the photos.

I wasn’t going to document what I thought had happened, but I started seeing too many signs that convinced me to write this post.

I believe the Lady Essex wanted us to hear her story.


I attended my first Renaissance Festival with my family and I had a wonderful time. I was able to wear my new cape and I was totally immersed in the role of being in the medieval times.

As we toured the Festival, I was surprised to find elephant rides! I’ve never ridden an elephant, so this was a unique opportunity.


The elephant’s name was Lady Essex. As soon as I was seated on her, I felt an overwhelming sadness. It was almost unbearable. I tried to smile and be happy because I was thrilled with the experience, but it was extremely difficult.

I had to fight against the grief because I could sense her emptiness.

Elephants, especially female elephants, are herd animals and they form deep family bonds. It has been proven that elephants experience emotions such as grief, joy and anger. Elephants are depressed when they’re not with other elephants.

I could feel that Lady Essex was not abused – she was just incredibly lonely for her own kind.


Lady Essex turned to give us a wonderful pose!

I silently thanked this beautiful Lady for the ride and I told her I was sad because she wasn’t with other elephants.

I sent her love and left with mixed feelings about the ride.

Later, when I reviewed the photos, there were two pictures with bright Orbs. One huge Orb was right on me.


Look at that huge Orb on me!

I know it was Lady Essex thanking me for caring and for telling her story.


Look at that bright Orb on Lady Essex!





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Knightly Spirits of Malbork Castle


Malbork Castle, Poland

I had the opportunity to do my first International Ghost Hunt…

…in Poland!

I toured Malbork Castle, home of the famous Teutonic Knights.

Not former home.

There are still Knights in residence at Malbork Castle, along with many other Castle Spirits.

I had one of the strongest visions that I’ve ever had the moment I approached the first Castle gate.

2014-09-12 17.31.05

Malbork Castle Gate

I felt suspended in time.

The present slipped away as the people near me disappeared and I was surrounded by Knights on horseback.

The Knights were returning to the Castle, entering the main gate, as I was.


Teutonic Knights

There were four lead Knights on horseback and I was between them with two Knights on either side of me.

I felt small as I walked between them, but I never felt threatened.

I could feel the dirt being kicked up by the horses and the Knights were so close that I could hear the rustle of their clothing and the clanking of their armor.

There was a company of ancient travelers behind me.

As the realization dawned on me that I had been transported to another time and I was surrounded by ancient Knights, I was in awe.

I stopped walking to gather myself and as I absorbed this new reality, the vision disappeared.

The Knights let me know, before I even entered the castle, that they were still very much in residence at Malbork.

Knight Graves

Malbork Knight Graves

Later, I had a vision of an ancient tomb.

A body was lovingly wrapped in armor and placed in the tomb. A large stone slab covered the revered Knight. There were carvings and ornamentations on top of the tomb. I was then shown the place where I had visited the Knights tombs on the Castle grounds.

They were showing me that the Knights buried at Malbork Castle still protect their sacred home.

Knight Graves 2

Malbork Knight Graves

These weren’t the only visions at Malbork Castle.

 While touring the kitchen area, I felt a plump, angry Chef.

She was still furious with her husband because of his affair with a beautiful young maid.

Their doomed love story is told below.

Kitchen Orb 2

Kitchen Orb where I felt the angry Chef.

Kitchen Orb

Angry Chef Orb

I was able to capture several interesting photos at Malbork Castle.

This photo appears to have a Hooded Figure peering out of the window.

Hooded Figure

Hooded Figure

 This ghostly image has a face.

Castle Face

Ghostly Face

While I was in the Chapel, I was “urged” to take a picture of the seats along the side wall and I got this bright Orb…

Chapel Orb

The Spirits were practically screaming at me to take a picture here and a bright Orb was in the photo.

 The Chapel was filled with Spirits. I also captured these bright Orbs…

Chapel Orb 3

Chapel Orb

Chapel Orb 2

Chapel Orb


Chapel Orb 4

I got several bright Orbs on this mural.

 In the Great Meeting Hall I got an Orb on the Throne…

Meeting Hall

Throne Orb

 As I was preparing to leave the Castle grounds, this beautiful butterfly landed in front of me.


Malbork Castle Butterfly

 The butterfly is a symbol of resurrection. Perhaps the Knights of Malbork were reinforcing their message to me.

They did not die.

They were transformed and still reside at Malbork Castle.

2014-09-12 18.47.08

Knights of Malbork

 Malbork Castle Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

Different, Magic, Eddy, Unhappy, Young, Meal, Secret, Dirty

Warm, Willing, Flames, Location, Skill, Shadow, Birds, Bit  

 There is nothing different about their sad tale. The magic had gone out of the marriage. The Chef and her husband, Eddy, went through the motions of being married, but when a young maid arrived at the Castle, Eddy was awestruck, and fell in love.

The maid squealed in delight as a handsome Knight pulled her onto his horse and rode with her in front of him as he returned to the Castle. She only had eyes for the Knight and he returned her favor with a silver necklace, which she proudly wore. From the fine chain hung a pendant with a small Amber heart  and a silver feather. She belonged to the Knight, but Eddy grew more unhappy with each passing day and he coveted the young maid. As he worked alongside his wife in the kitchens, preparing each meal, he couldn’t hide his secret longing from his wife.

The Chef began to have murderous thoughts about the dirty affair she assumed her husband was having. She pictured the young maid as warm and willing to give herself to Eddy, and jealous flames ignited thoughts of revenge.

The Chef plotted a location for the demise of the lovers. She watched and waited for a chance to use her legendary skills with a carving knife. When the young maid crept into the shadows one evening to meet her Knight, she never made her rendezvous with him.

The birds in the forest were the only witnesses to the crime.

Eddy’s life ended soon after with the same bloody knife. Bits of the young maid’s blood mingled with his as the Chef returned to her post and resumed her baking with the murder weapon. When asked about her husband, the Chef angrily replied that he had run off with the young maid.

Secretly, the Chef smiled to herself as she felt the fine silver necklace with the Amber heart and silver feather beneath her apron.

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Saved by a Ghost Priest

“What an excellent day for an Exorcism”

2014-08-23 08.48B

Georgetown Ghost Priest

I don’t know about you, but every time I have anything to do with The Exorcist, strange things begin to happen.

Strange bad things.

Years ago, when I read the book, a series of terrible things started happening. I grew so frustrated that I threw the book out of the car window while I was driving! (I was pulling into a relative’s driveway). I flung it as far away from me as I possibly could.

The bad things stopped happening.

2014-08-23 09.31.15

The Exorcist Stairs

I never wanted to see the movie, but I was talked into seeing it.

I never wanted to see that movie again.

2014-08-23 09.39.26

The Exorcist Stairs

Fast-forward to present-day.

I heard about the Georgetown Ghost Tour. Many years had gone by so my fear had been forgotten…

…until the bad things started happening again.


Tour Guide Tony: He appears to have a Ghostly script!

Robby had to see the movie so he could appreciate the famous Exorcist Steps.

I had never been to see the actual steps and it had been a long time since I’d seen the movie so…

…we watched the movie.

Rob’s response was, “Oh, my Lord!”

Then the bad things started happening.

Georgetown 3

Spooky Georgetown Doorway

It took a few days for me to realize what was going on, but when I made the connection, it began to make sense.

Thankfully, we went on the tour a few days later and as it turns out, we had a protector…

…a Ghost Priest.

Ghost Priest

Ghost Priest

Priest Outline

Ghost Priest Outlined

I didn’t see him until I reviewed the photos. I was guided to take the shot. I knew that someone was there and I was being told to take the picture.

I took a picture of the street – not a point of interest on the tour.

Nothing bad happened after that, despite the visit to the Exorcist Stairs. In fact, there was the threat of rain all night, but we never felt a drop. It had been raining all day and Tony, the tour guide, was convinced that it would rain, but it never did.

We were being protected from the Exorcist Curse.

2014-08-23 09.57.48

Under the Canal

Another extremely interesting coincidence (if you’ve read my other blogs you know I don’t believe in them so I’m being facetious)…

At the exact time that I took the picture of the Ghost Priest, Tony was talking about…

…Chandra Ann Levy.

This was hauntingly chilling to me.

Chandra Levy’s remains were found in Rock Creek Park, near the tour. When Chandra disappeared in 2001, I had a vision of a woman being murdered. It was so real that I was tempted to go to the police. I can still see it clearly today. A woman was being murdered, but she wasn’t killed in Rock Creek Park. She was killed at Gravelly Point Park, or somewhere nearby. It was nighttime and the planes were in the background landing at the Reagan National Airport. Two men committed the murder. One wore a bandana on his head. I had the vision before I knew about Chandra, but when the story came out and I saw her picture, I knew it was her.

When Tony was talking about Chandra on the tour, I was being told to take the picture of the street.

It was the Ghost Priest who showed up in the picture.

Georgetown 4

Georgetown Orb

What does it mean?

I don’t know, but I can tell you that there are plenty of Spirits in Georgetown and if you pay attention, they’ll come out to play.

There was some spooky good stuff on this tour!

Georgetown 9

Oak Hill Cemetery

Georgetown Ghost Tour Ghost Radar Conversation

*It should be noted that the first word from the Ghost Radar was “Slab”. We were standing next to the Oak Hill Cemetery.*

Words from the Other Side:

Slab, farther, magic, blow, foot, fall, stairs, shoe, needs, carry, society, roar, visit, product, customs, represent, giant, flame, flowing, sea, possibilities, forgotten, success, strong, loss, now, instrument, plan, perfect, hills, ports, Jeff

Slabs of cement house Earthly remains, but look farther than usual and magic will blow into your soul. Do you hear my footsteps by the Library? Can you hear me fall down the stairs? My shoe may be in another dimension, but my needs carry the weight of society and it is essential that I roar my story to those who will listen.

When you visit my tomb remember that I am still a product of all that exists. I know your customs and all that you represent. I am a giant flame flowing in a sea of possibilities.

You may have forgotten me, but your success depends upon maintaining a strong connection to loss and your acceptance of Now.

Confused? Good! I remain an instrument of the Master Plan.

You will know all when you are perfect, but until then…

Climb the hills, navigate the ports and acknowledge us! For we are the Spirits of Georgetown.


Georgetown 7

Robby on the Exorcist Steps

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Ghost Burger with a Side of Fries


Rob and I went on a walking Ghost Tour of historic Annapolis, Maryland,

but the Spirits were anxious to communicate with us before the tour even began!

Scary Burger

Ghost Burger and Fries

We arrived early and enjoyed a leisurely stroll down Main Street followed by a relaxing dinner before the tour. We chose the DRY 85 restaurant at random and after we ordered, I suggested that we get the equipment ready and do a quick battery test.

As soon as we set the KII meter on the table, it started going crazy!

We’ve never seen it light up like that. There had to be an electrical cause, so we moved the meter all around the booth, going high and low, but the lights stopped whenever we moved it. When we set it in the middle of the table between us, it started going crazy again.

Annapolis 2

KII Meter and Orb at DRY 85 Restaurant

The table was solid wood, but I still wasn’t convinced that it was a Spirit so in a smart-alecky tone I asked,

“Are there any Ghosties here?”

The KII lights stopped, and then started again.

I began to take this situation a little more seriously.

This time I asked,

“If you’re a ghost, can you make it stop and start again?”

It did.

It stopped, then started immediately, just as I asked.

I asked the waitress if she knew of any ghosts in the restaurant and she hadn’t heard of any…

but I guarantee that they have one.

Or perhaps it was an anxious Spirit who didn’t want to wait to be mentioned on the tour.

Either way, it was fun to have contact before the tour began!

Annapolis 3

The Most Haunted Building in Annapolis!

I won’t spoil all of the wonderful ghost stories on the tour, but it was interesting that the first story was about Charles Campbell and his fiancé.

As the tour guide described the hauntings from the tragic couple who never saw their wedding day,

the first word from the Ghost Radar was:


Is that great or what?

Annapolis 1

Blackbeard Was Here!

It is interesting to note that the next night, I saw a black shadow figure in my house. It was so real that I insisted someone was there.

Of course, there was no one.

Coincidence? I don’t believe in them.

Those Annapolis ghosts are frisky and I can’t wait to visit them again!


DRY 85 Restaurant Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

Wagon, Series, Visit, Prove, Command, Bear, Most

“The wagon tale about old Charles is one of many in a series of ghost stories about our fair town.

If you plan to visit us, you’d better prove that you have a healthy respect for the dead.

For if not, we’ll issue the command to release the Spirit Bear.

Most will shiver in fear…

and only the stong will survive.”

Spirits of Annapolis

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