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Lisa Moulden is a graduate of the University of Maryland, a world traveler, a Reiki Master, and a ghost magnet. Her strong connection to the Other Side, and her close proximity to the nation’s Capital, led to the creation of her newest book, Presidential Souls. Spirits seek her out because she gives them their voice, and the United States presidents have a lot to say about the state of their country.

Presidential Souls



11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Angie

    Hello, your website is interesting. How do you see auras around a person and does everyone have one?


    • Hi Angie! It’s great to hear from you. Everyone, and every living thing has an aura. Plants, animals, everything. I have to turn it on and off, otherwise it can be overwhelming. I literally think, Aura On, to turn it on and the same to turn it off. There are many things to do with this information and I’m writing a book that will explain more, but one example is detecting lies. I noticed once when my son was “fibbing”, so now he gets frustrated because he knows I can use the Aura test to tell if he’s lying to me. It’s come in handy on my day job too. I can detect many different things by reading an aura. Your’s is orange right now, but it’s changed several times since you sent this message. Most auras change depending upon your mood, chakras, etc. I hope this helps!


  2. Angie

    Thank you Lisa, I found this fascinating. Looking forward to your book. I would love to learn how to use auras for positive benefits. I also enjoy your interpretation of ghost radar. Thanks for your response.


  3. TRUE / RECENT paranormal activity to report at “Hell House” in Ellicott City, MD



    • Fascinating! I’d love to go there with you and do an investigation. Would you be willing to go back?


      • If you turn it into a documentary, so I only have to re-live at once. And, you may be able to retire early…. If done right, maybe it will be the next ‘Blair Witch Project’. This site has the Satanic Rituals / murders on Campus by a Priest history that movie-goers can’t get enough of….


      • You’re funny! Can you tell me where you went exactly. We could never find the ruins


      • I wiould have to show you — it is so hidden, I could not get you there with directions. I was actually serious about you filming — you are already an Author — why not also become an Indie Film Maker?
        That would motivate me to show you where and what I have sen / it is quite spectacular ( for Ruins )


      • I’m game. Email me at: Moulden.lisa@yahoo.com so we can set something up


  4. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I shall be posting all about it on my blog tonight. Keep up the good work.


  5. Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author

    Hello Lisa,

    Thank you for coming by my Book Promotions blog. I also live life in recovery and have a blog for all my recovery work with many. I am loving your blog, and will check out the other links you have listed. I have never had any encounters with ghosts, but I can tell you when my brother-in-law passed in 1992 of cancer, he was only 36 and at times I feel this light little breeze and can smell his aftershave when this happens? Not sure why this happens often, but I think he is still close to me.

    Happy TGIF,
    Author, Catherine Lyon XO 🙂


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