Ellicott City Rock Building

July 13, 2013

Robby and I went to the 3rd Annual Rock Building  Event in the Patapsco River.  I didn’t know what rock building was, but considering my love of rocks, this was definitely something that I had to check out!

In my novel, Both Sides, the main theme of the adventure is, “Follow the Stones.”

The water spirits must have been jealous because I had an unplanned dip in the river up to my neck less than a minute after entering the river, but it was refreshing so I continued on to my rock building.

My creation was a rock pyramid. The inspiration came from my travels to the Giza pyramids in Egypt and the Chichen Itza pyramids in Mexico.

Rock Building Pyramid

Rock Pyramid

Robby and I had a great time and after the rock building we spent the rest of the day touring Main Street in Ellicott City.

Robby Rock Building

Robby and Rock Statues

2013-07-13 02.56.12

Robby and his rock creation

2013-07-13 05.57.01

Heart of the River

2013-07-13 02.58.53

Rock Creations

2013-07-13 05.58.39

Night falls on the rock creations. How long will they last?

Great day!

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