A Wedding Call from the Other Side

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We were waiting in the Bridal Suite. The wedding was due to begin in a few hours.

The Wedding Party was outside with the photographer.

It was just myself (Mother-of-the-Bride), my husband (Bride’s father) and the Groom’s mother who witnessed the call.

My husband’s cell phone rang and we heard him say,


“I think you have the wrong number.”

“Who is this?”

I asked him who called and he said it was an older lady and she said her name was Laura.

My maternal grandmother’s name was Laura.

Without the slightest hesitation I told my husband, “It was Grandma DeVore.”

He didn’t argue, in fact, he said it sounded like her. This was an astounding thing for him to say.

She died in 2003.

My husband is a believer, but it has to be pretty convincing evidence. He sat and thought about it, then he looked at the number and asked me to Google the area code to see where the call was from.

I gasped as I told him that it was a Pennsylvania area code.

My grandmother was from Pennsylvania.

A wrong number…an older lady saying her name was Laura…a Pennsylvania area code…on her Great-Granddaughter’s Wedding Day?

There was no doubt about it. This was a call from the Other Side.

My Grandmother was letting us know that she was with us on this joyous occasion.

Thank you Grandma.

I’m so happy you were there.

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One thought on “A Wedding Call from the Other Side

  1. You’re giving me goose bumps!


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