The Spirits Speak and They Say: “No Candy”!

Green Tray


I guess it’s not their fault.

I asked.

I had a few decorative items from my daughter’s wedding, but now they had no purpose.

I decided to try working with resin, so I re-purposed them and made three Spirit Boards.

Well, actually they’re Spirit Trays and a Spirit Vase.

Two are made from old silver trays. They both have “Yes” and “No” and the alphabet, and the blue tray has numbers.

Blue Tray

This one is made from a crazy vase that my grandmother gave me. It has three monkeys: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil. I turned it into a Spirit Vase with a Dragon Eye center.

 Monkey Framed 1

Monkey Framed 2

After I finished, I decided to try them out. I work with a pendulum regularly, but usually I ask yes or no questions.

I needed a question that required the answer to be spelled out, so I asked,

“How can I raise my metabolism and lose weight?”

The holidays did their usual damage and I needed to lose a few pounds.

The pendulum clearly spelled out,

“No Candy”


I keep a bowl of candy on the kitchen table and every night I’d have a piece or two.

Just leftover Christmas candy. Hardly significant.

The Spirits were brutal.

I guess it was time to give up the candy.

The Spirit Boards worked.

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