A Message From My Father


A Message from My Father

You never know what to expect from the Other Side. For example, when you ask for a message, it might not come from the source that you expected, so you need to be open to alternate forms of communication.

The best case scenario at a group reading is that you get a direct message from the Other Side, in this case, from Kelly Schloer – a gifted psychic and medium.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t get chosen in a group reading, so it’s a loss. Right?


There could be a variety of reasons for not getting a direct message. Perhaps the recipients of the direct messages had a greater need for healing. Their Spirit relatives and Guides were given priority that day.

Perhaps the people in attendance were not all “Believers” and they needed a direct message to convince them that their loved ones were truly with them.

Perhaps the Spirits who came through were stronger and able to push their way to the front of the line!

For whatever reason, if you go to a group reading, you need to pay attention because you could still get a message from the Other Side, like I did.

As I was listening to the messages, my hearing perked up when Kelly spoke to someone and I felt as if it was a message for me too. I asked myself, “Is it my imagination, or were they talking to me?”

Later, Kelly explained to the group that if she didn’t speak to you directly, you could still have received a message that was also meant for you.


Okay, I was convinced that the message was for me, but there was one more sign to come that would seal the deal.

We were at an Elks Lodge and there was a large wall of member photos. During the several hours that I sat in the meeting hall, I was continually drawn to one particular photo. The man didn’t look familiar, yet I kept being drawn to him. He had a black ribbon on his photo, so I assumed that he’d passed. I made a mental note to look at the name when the meeting ended as I was too far away, but when the meeting ended, I forgot and left.

It was cold and late and I had a long drive ahead of me, so I just wanted to get home. As I started the car, I remembered the photo and I wished that I had looked at the name.

It didn’t matter. I knew what name I’d find. I started to drive away, but I had a nagging feeling that I still needed to verify what I already knew. I turned around, braved the cold again and went back to the meeting hall.

As I suspected, the name on the photo was Don.

My father’s name was Donald and he went by Don.

I needed no more proof and I finally headed for home. I had received the message that I was looking for and it was verified, so I was happy.

Thanks Dad. Message received, loud and clear!

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