Ghosts Don’t Smoke

At least, Jonathan doesn’t.

Robby and I investigated the Orange Grove Flour Mill this week, or what is left of it. We have passed the remains of the mill many times on hikes and bicycle rides in Patapsco State Park. Located one mile from Ilchester Road on the park path, there is a wall, a few stairs and a coal chute, which are the only remains of the flour mill.

The five story mill was strategically located between the Patapsco River and the train tracks. Today a plaque notes the location of the flour mill, which is next to a swinging bridge that was built for the mill workers to cross the river from their homes to the mill.

At one point, the Orange Grove Flour Mill was the largest flour mill east of Minneapolis. Established in 1856, it was one of the few business to survive the flood of 1868. The mill flourished and grew, but in 1905 the mill burned down and was never rebuilt.

This is where it gets really interesting.

During our first mill investigation, the Ghost Radar gave us the name: Jonathan. When we returned for our follow-up visit, we addressed Jonathan and he conversed nicely with us, as he had done before.

We felt his presence on both visits and the picture below could be Jonathan as he walked and talked with us at the mill site.

But who was Jonathan? One possibility can be found on the Ellicott Family Graveyard listing.

Jonathan Ellicott: born February 23, 1800 and died on February 24, 1831.

He was a member of the Ellicott family that founded Ellicott City and a member of the family that founded the Orange Grove Flour Mill. When I asked if he was a member of the Ellicott family, we got a hit on the KII meter, so who can say?

I didn’t have this information until after the investigations.


Jonathan Mill Figure

Jonathan Elliott Outline

Jonathan Outline

At one point, two women approached us and climbed up to the railroad tracks where Robby and I were doing the investigation, at the top of the mill wall. The women went past us and after they left, Robby and I were surprised at the change that we felt when the women were near.

It was downright hostile!

Both women were carrying packs of cigarettes and it was obvious that if Robby and I weren’t there, they would have chosen that spot to stop for a smoke. Considering that fact that the mill burned down and closed forever from a fire, we got the definite impression that Jonathan was angry at the prospect of anyone smoking around his mill.

We captured some great photos on the mill investigation. Each time that the Ghost Radar indicated that a spirit was near, or when it spoke to us, I took a picture and we ended up with many great shots.

Mill Figure

Mill Figure

Orange Grove Flour Mill Ghost Radar Conversation

Words From the Other Side:

Jonathan Nearby Wear Fed Gate Mississippi Language Let’s Plant Captured Corn Salt Lion Swim Those Smallest Dull Tongue Joy Rabbit Chicken Pan Aunt Foot Exciting I’ve Value Get Hidden Older Design Roan Quarter Path Eat Frame Cat Last Respect Doctor Support Answer Test Believed 

 Jonathan’s Story

My name is Jonathan Ellicott and I’d like to tell you a little bit about my life.

Nearby, across the river, I like to wear my good hat when I call on my fiancé. She always cooks a big meal and never lets me leave until she’s fed me so much that I feel like I won’t fit through the front gate! Her Mississippi accent is so strong that it sounds like she’s speaking a foreign language. Where she comes from, guests never leave hungry.

Let’s get comfortable,” she says as we sit down at the dinner table. We plant ourselves in our seats like we’ve been captured by pirates and corn is our golden bounty.   The salt and pepper get passed around the table so fast, you’d think a lion was chasing them!  I swear, if I had to swim home I’d surely sink.

Those folks down-river don’t know what a grand meal is. They have the smallest menus and they are just plain dull!  I can never wait to wrap my tongue around my Joy’s delicious rabbit stew, and she makes a mean fried chicken.  Anything that she puts in a pan will get praise beyond belief. Her Aunt swears that Joy is the best cook ever to set foot in Maryland.

These are the happy and exciting times that I’ve chosen to remember. I value these memories and I refuse to let them get hidden under older and darker days.  I want to design a life full of memories where I mount my roan Quarter-horse and we head down the path that leads to a Heaven where I eat so much that my picture wouldn’t fit in a frame! After dinner, we sit by the fire and I play with the cat as the last bit of daylight slips away.

I have the greatest respect for doctors and I’ll give them my continued support, but today I beg an answer to a terrible test that has been placed before me.

I want to go back to those wonderful times that I believed would never end.

I want my Joy back.


Ponytail Girl in Dress

Girl in Dress

Ponytail Girl in Dress Outline

2013-07-01 08.33.12

Mill Orbs

Mill Orb

Mill Orb

The Next Investigation:

It’s still up in the air so we’re going to let the Spirits guide us and see where we end up!

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