Do You Have A Gnome On Your Shoulder?

Robby does!

Here’s the picture to prove it. That’s Robby holding the equipment and I took the picture.

Gnome 1

Gnome on Robby’s Shoulder and Tree Spirit

Gnome 2

Gnome Close Up

Gnome and Tree Spirit Original Photo

Gnome and Tree Spirit Original Photo

Gnome and Tree Spirit Outline

Gnome and Tree Spirit Outline

Hell House Face

Tree Spirit Close Up

Here’s the story:

I wasn’t certain that I could find the legendary “Hell House” because the buildings no longer exist, so that’s why I didn’t commit last week to where the investigation would be.

But even without buildings, it was an extraordinary investigation!

The Hell House began as a tavern on property purchased by the founders of Ellicott City. The tavern was not successful due to inconvenient railroad access, so the land was sold to the Redemptorists, which later became the St. Mary’s College for boys. The college thrived and operated for over a century until declining interest forced it to close in 1972.

That’s when the abandoned college became the Hell House and the ghost stories began. Fires destroyed the buildings and they were eventually torn down, so the location of the college was difficult to determine.  Part of the property was sold and added to Patapsco State Park, so that’s where Robby and I went, to the overlook where the Hell House used to be visible.

As I was climbing Buzzards Rock Trail, I asked the spirits from the St. Mary’s College to join us at the overlook. As it turned out, we got more than we could possibly have hoped for.

These spirits weren’t as talkative as most, but it’s probably because we were communicating with Elementals, as well as spirits from the Other Side. Elementals are Nature Spirits: fairies, gnomes, sylphs, etc.  We didn’t know it at the time that a Gnome was sitting on Robby’s shoulder and a Tree Spirit was looking on!

We also got a name: Joe.

Joe and the Elementals were friendly and warned us to be careful on the steep and rocky paths. It was also getting dark so the footing was tricky. At one point, as we were descending to the main trial, I felt a strong urge to turn around and take a picture. The picture that I took shows an extremely bright light in the lower right corner. I don’t believe that this is a bug. I took hundreds of shots and I captured plenty of fireflies, but they were never as bright as this. I was told to take this shot and I believe that it is an Elemental, especially since Robby had just mentioned them a moment before. He was walking ahead of me on the trail and he asked me why I stopped and turned around to take that picture. He had the Ghost Radar and he would tell me when we got a “Blip” and I would take a picture. We captured many great Orbs this way. I told him that I was directed to take that shot and I’m glad that I listened.

2013-07-07 08.24.47

Elemental – Bright Light

As always, I researched the history of the location after the investigation and I found that Father Joseph Hempraecht signed the contract of sale for the property on June 12, 1866 with George Ellicott, Jr.

That was Joe.

The Gnome said his name was Gerry, and he specifically said, “As in Jerry Garcia, but with a “G” (for Gnome).”

Our investigation exceeded my wildest expectations and it was worth the climb in near 100 degree heat and humidity.

The Hell House investigation was as hot as Hell, but for us it was an Elemental Wonderland.

St. Mary’s College Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

Parallel Steam Bridge Trade Vessels Careful Duty Position Cut Greatly Report Hurt Joe Else

Gerry’s Story

In this parallel universe that we live in, we (the Elementals) can choose to be seen, or not. On this particularly steamy day, I received a message from an interesting pair as they crossed the bridge into the park. They peaked my interest because they had just visited the Paper Mill across the river where they left a toy and treat for George Bolton, the Ghost Mill Guard Dog. Since this is highly unusual behavior, to acknowledge one of us, I decided that a trade should be made for their kindness. I would honor their request with our presence.

We warned these two Earth Vessels to be careful on their steep trek towards us. It is our duty to protect everyone within our realm and we were in a precarious position as their journey was difficult.

With our help, they ascended to our outlook hot and tired, with only a minor cut to show for their trial. We were greatly relieved since we were anxious to see them.

They asked us to communicate with them but we don’t do well with reports, so I allowed my picture to be taken. I was a bit disappointed and hurt at the time because they were focused on Joe, but their enthusiasm upon seeing us in the photographs made up for any bruised feelings.

What else can you do but forgive them when they made such a fuss?

Hell House Orb 3

Comet Tail Orb

Hell House 2 Orb

Blue and Green Orb

Hell House Orb 4

Bright Hell House Orb

Next Week’s Investigation:

Main Street Spirits Tour!

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