Haunted objects caught on camera

Fascinating about James Dean!

Dark Hauntings

haunted objects

For centuries, there have been reports of possessed people, cursed or haunted houses, which I have covered a lot of in my stories. I have also wrote about cursed dolls, but I am now going to tell you about some famous haunted, cursed, & possessed objects with some real documented video footage & photographs.

The Anguished Man:

haunted objects1.jpg

This picture was reputedly painted in a man’s blood, mixed with oil paint, just before he committed suicide. It is responsible for many paranormal occurrences in the owner’s home. Sean Robinson, from Cumbria, U.K, was left the painting by his grandmother after she passed away. When he was a boy, he felt drawn to the picture, which was hidden under curtains at his grandmother’s house. He would sit for some time just staring at the painting. When he brought the painting home, & after many arguments with his wife, he decided to hang the…

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