Super Moon Ghost Hunting


A Super Moon and gorgeous weather provided the perfect setting for our ghost hunting adventure at the Point Lookout Lighthouse in Scotland, Maryland.

Excitement was high as we began our investigation at the most haunted lighthouse in the United States, but we were about to discover the downside to ghost hunting experienced Spirits. The Spirits at the Point Lookout Lighthouse get plenty of practice playing with ghost hunters. We had to book almost a year in advance for a chance to tangle with these spirited spooks!

There were six in our group and one was quite nervous about searching for ghosts in a dark, creepy house in the dead of night.

Can you imagine?


Bright Orb

Unfortunately for our Nervous Nellie, the Spirits decided to focus on her! I guess they needed a bit of excitement after being bored with experienced ghost hunters. They obviously loved hearing her screams.

The Spirits enjoyed a game of Cat and Mouse all night. We’d go to a room, wait, then we’d hear a noise in a different room. We’d move to that room,  wait, and the noise would move to a different room. It went on like this for quite some time, until our Nervous Nellie got brave and took some pictures with her phone.

That’s when the fun began.

The pre-flash display on her phone – and only her phone – showed orbs shooting across her phone screen. We went from room to room chasing these playful Spirits. Sometimes we’d see three orbs shoot across the phone screen at once, but the elusive orbs always managed to escape being caught in the photo. The only time she caught something was when two orbs darted up the staircase and she caught a picture of the orb light tails.


Orb tail going up the stairs.

The most active room was the ladies bedroom. There were several women lighthouse keepers and we spent more time in this room due to the high level of activity throughout the night. A review of the photos revealed an interesting form in the window of the ladies bedroom.


Ghostly specter in the window of the ladies bedroom

This was a great adventure located on a peninsula in the picturesque setting of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. If you want a true test of your ghost hunting skills, come to the Point Lookout Lighthouse for a tough examination given by some slippery Spirits!


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7 thoughts on “Super Moon Ghost Hunting

  1. very interesting..but orbs can be subtle coloring of the camera’s lens. Other items can cause orbs to appear including reflective surfaces, dust, rain, water spots, and bugs…etc


    • I agree! I had many orbs in photos and on the phone that night, but some orbs were solid and different. The orbs we chased seemed to have intelligence. We would ask questions and they would lead us. Some orbs were dust and bugs, but being there, we could definitely sense a presence in the others.

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  2. Rich

    Have you investigated Ilchester Tunnel yet?

    My brother went to school with a girl who went to Ilchester Tunnel one night to see Blink Man, or Peeping Tom as my daughter calls him. He’s a ghost or a demon that haunts the tunnel next to where Hell House used to be and he can only be summoned if you can stare down the end from exactly midnight to 1am without blinking a single time. Once you see him, you’re stuck with him because every time you blink, he takes a step forward until he kills you. If you try not to blink he has these long eyelashes that tickle your cheeks and cause you to blink so he can get right up on you. If he’s real, he’s worse than my ex-wife’s lawyer, and that guy was an asshole.


  3. Kurt

    The Ellicott City Patch just did a story on this.


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