Ocean City Boardwalk

Boardwalk Fries and Saltwater Spirits

Ocean City Boardwalk

    A busy summer beach resort, Ocean City, Maryland, is filled with a fabulous beach, a famous boardwalk and…


   Robby and I recently went on the Ocean City Ghost Walk, where we were introduced to more than a few Spirits who still love to hang out at the beach.

 Robby took pictures during the tour and I pointed out highlights when I “felt” the Spirits. We were lucky enough to capture two Spirits in one of Ocean City’s most notorious haunts – the Atlantic Hotel.


Dr. Charles Purnell is the principle Ghost-in-Residence at the Atlantic Hotel, but I believe there is also a woman hanging out with him. As soon as we approached the hotel, I told Robby I sensed a strong presence on the outside fire-escape stairs. He took pictures and we captured shots of a man and a woman in an old-fashioned bonnet. The pictures are not clear and easier to view from the original source, so I included outlines to point out the Spirits. The photos, though hard to see, back up the strong projected presence before we entered the hotel.


Spirit Walking Up Stairs

Figure Outline 3

Outline of Spirit on Stairs

The Spirit in this picture could be Dr. Purnell. A man is walking up the stairs with his back is to us. He is not wearing a hat and I can make out a coat-sleeve and pants.  

Dr. Purnell is no doubt getting in place to prepare for our visit in his hotel.


Woman with Bonnet


Outline of Woman with Bonnet

This woman is on the same outside stairs. I probably sensed such a strong presence on the fire-escape because there were two Spirits. I can only make out the head of the woman, but she’s wearing an old-fashioned bonnet with a wide brim.  Perhaps she remains by the ocean, like the ladies pictured below, because she wants the blissful times at the Atlantic Hotel to continue forever.  

 1790beach (1)

During the tour we learned about Joanne Trimper and the Ocean City Trimper Carousel. The carousel is the oldest continuously operating carousel in the United States and Joanne loves it so much that she still remains by her favorite Carousel Horse. We learned that Joanne’s perfume scent, “Cristal”, lingers near her Carousel Horse, so we returned the next night to check it out.


“Forever Joanne” Carousel Horse

Robby rode Joanne’s Carousel Horse and when he asked Joanne for a sign that she was near, a sweet scent momentarily drifted past him. Unfortunately, I have no sense of smell so I couldn’t experience the phenomenon, but the look on Robby’s face was genuine shock and surprise when he got the confirmation that he asked for.

Robby described the multitude of aromatic scents surrounding the Carousel and he said there was no one near us with anything resembling the sweet perfume. He said it happened in an instant – as if Joanne walked past him from the front of the horse to the back of the horse and continued past him, after which, the amusement park aromas returned without a trace of Joanne’s perfume.

Suspiciously fast, the perfume scent was there one second and gone the next. Robby was rewarded for riding Joanne’s Horse, even when the ride attendant warned him that Joanne’s Horse didn’t go up and down.

I’ll never forget Robby’s face when Joanne walked between us.

It was a ride I’ll never forget.


I highly recommend the Ocean City Ghost Walk, so if you get the chance, say Hello to…

…the Saltwater Spirits


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