Dog Days of Summer Bring Out the Ghost Dogs

We took our dogs on vacation with us this year, and we were rewarded with a visit from two ghost dogs!

We spent a glorious week at Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, Maryland. Having lived in Maryland all my life and after travelling all over the world, I had never been to Deep Creek. It was a wonderful vacation spot and I can’t wait to go back.

Before leaving for vacation, I searched the web for ghost stories or hauntings anywhere near Deep Creek but I couldn’t find a single story. While horseback riding at Western Trails, I asked our trail guide if there were any haunted places to explore in the area. He said he had lived at Deep Creek all his life and he’d never heard of a single ghost story in the area!

Robby and I would just have to find the Spirits on our own.

We passed several cemeteries, so in-between our days of boating on the lake, riding a mountain coaster and chairlift, fishing, swimming, going to movies, zip lining and horseback riding – Robby and I visited some cemeteries and the Spirits seemed happy to see us. I say this because we had very little time to do an investigation, but we captured some amazing photos in a short span of time and the Spirits were talkative, as always.

We visited the Ferndale cemetery first.  We had to return the next day for verification because of the amazing Spirits that revealed themselves to us! We always double-check to look for any possible explanation when potential Spirit evidence is discovered. We could find no Earthly explanation for these photos.

St. Bernard Ghost Dog

Sitting atop a tombstone was a dog that resembled a St. Bernard. He sits next to a grave that was new this year, with the same last name of the tombstone that he sits on. I was guided to take this photo when the Ghost Radar said the word, “Orange”, and there was an orange ribbon on the flowers by this tombstone.

Ever faithful, ever guarding, ever loving, he remains by their side.

St. Bernard Outline

St. Bernard Ghost Dog

St. Bernard Face

St. Bernard Ghost Dog Face


St. Bernard Ghost Dog

Dog Outline

St. Bernard Ghost Dog Outline

A Man and His Dachshund

Sitting at the edge of the cemetery, along the tree line, was a man and his dog – a dachshund.

Man Outline 2

Ghost Man Outline

Man A

Ghost Man

Man 2

Ghost Man

Daschund Outline 1

Ghost Dachshund Outline

Daschund 1

Ghost Dachshund

And then there were two Orbs, and one of them had a Fairy in it!

Fairy Orb Outline 1

Fairy Orb Outline – the Fairy is in profile, like “The Thinker”

Fairy Orb 1

Fairy Orb

Orb 1


And in two other photos, there were two more Orbs:

Orb 2


Orb 3 Arrow


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         And finally, at another cemetery on the way back, we found this Scary Guy:

Orb with Face 2

Scary Guy

Orb with Face

Scary Guy

Although Deep Creek Lake may not have any ghost stories, they do have Spirits and they were eager to show themselves. Robby and I felt positive energy at the cemeteries, and at Deep Creek Lake, and we look forward to returning again soon.

Deep Creek Lake Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

Mixture Allow Thank Breeze Tightly Bar Ocean Tropical Repeat Both Command Is Grow Tool Sense Massage Orange Operation Regular Kitchen Am Bite Can Grow Pictured October Chemical Shoulder Student Art Pair James Egypt Cup Determine Show

A Message from the Spirits at Deep Creek Lake

We get such a mixture of visitors here. We allow anyone to visit, and we are thankful for their company, but having newcomers who acknowledge us is like a breeze blowing fresh life into our tightly knit community.

We would never bar anyone from communing with us. We are aware that oceans and the lure of tropical settings keep many people from enjoying our summer activities, and from bringing repeat customers year after year. Lakes and oceans both command respect as luxury vacation spots, but our goal is to grow in Spirit. Making our presence known will be our tool and we will show ourselves to those who sense us. We will massage these feelings and we’ll turn a burning desire, glowing bright as an orange flame, into a major operation. Our kitchen will be photographs where non-believers will see our creations come to life. If you ask, “How am I to believe?”, you only need to try a small bite of belief and you will be amazed at what can grow!

We are pictured here for you to make you see that we exist! Robby’s October birthday party was the beginning and look how things have changed, like a chemical reaction! We appeared on his shoulder, and although he is still a student, he has mastered the art of seeing. A worthy pair, these two have added us to their discoveries and we are grateful.

A messenger, James, brings knowledge from Egypt. He asks that you drink from the Cup of Awakening that we offer.  You will determine if our proof is enough to convince you that we are real, and if not, we’ll keep showing you more, until you finally believe.

The Next Investigation:

School begins next week so the next investigation has yet to be determined, as we prepare for the new school year. We’ll let the Spirits  lead us to our next amazing journey.

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Angel Garden or Alien Sanctuary? How About Both!

Nestled amongst a beautiful community on St. John’s Lane in Ellicott City, the Whipps Garden Cemetery is a one-acre sanctuary full of life.

Started in 1855, it was used as a cemetery until the early 1900’s. When the cemetery became inactive, it was overgrown, damaged and nearly destroyed, until it was saved and restored in 1987. There are a variety of native plant species, pathways, benches and old tombstones making it a garden paradise.

But plants aren’t the only thing alive in this garden!

Rob and I could feel the energy before we got out of the car. What we found left me speechless.

During the investigation, Rob said he felt as if someone had their hand on his heart. When we reviewed the pictures I found…

Man and Rob

That is my father looking down on Robby. It is my father’s brow, nose and mouth.

My father. He was the one holding his hand on Robby’s heart.

In a few days it will be the anniversary of my father’s death. Coincidence? I don’t believe in them.

My father was the Angel, then I found the Alien. Here’s what happened.

I took this picture…

Arms and Figure

On the left it looks like arms and a head tilted to the right. On the right it looks like a small Alien.

I couldn’t figure out who these two were, so I went back the next night and tried to take the same picture. I didn’t have much time and I was getting ready to give up finding the exact spot when – Plop! A huge raindrop fell on the top of my head. It hadn’t rained in eight hours. I looked up and realized that I was in the right spot. It was as if they smacked me on the top of the head to make me see.

I took a picture and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Remember, this was the next day, in the same spot…

Figure 1

Cat Alien

So I said, “Did I really see that?” And I took another picture in the same spot, and I got…

Figure B

Cat Alien Orb

It was as if they were saying, “Duh!” The Cat Alien was still there, but this time there was an Orb at his feet.

Then I asked, “What about the figure with the arms?” I took another picture in the same spot. The Cat Alien was gone, but now there was an Orb where the figure with the arms was.

Arms Orb 1

Arms Figure Orb

I then asked for a picture with no Cat Alien, no Arms Figure and no Orbs to show that they were really there, and I took another picture and…

They were all gone.

An Angel, an Alien, and still we got more.

This was a face that was in one of the collection boxes. I went back the next night and took the same picture, but there was no face and no way that I could recreate it.

Face in Box

Face in the Box

There there’s the Kneeling Man.

Kneeling Man                              Kneeling Man Outline

I went back the next night and I found that the “body” is a bench, but the way that the man’s head is tilted, and considering the other amazing encounters in this garden, I believe this is a man kneeling in the cemetery.

Then there is this Tombstone Spirit. He’s just hanging out as he rises out of the tombstone…

Tombstone Figure

Tombstone Spirit

And more Orbs…

Orb 2

This is a very light Orb, to the left of the yellow flower, but it was one of three Orbs in one picture.


Bright Orb

Two Orbs

The other two Orbs from the same picture

The KII meter was going off the entire investigation like we’ve never seen – flashing red and going crazy, and the Ghost Radar was talking up a storm.

The Whipps Garden Cemetery is truly a wondrous place that I heartily recommend.

You will be enchanted with all of the life, both Earthly and from the Other Side.

Whipps Garden Cemetery Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

British Growth Bound Done Leg Under Sell Division Weak Mark Generally Factor Buried Shot Involved Deal Coast Wheel Market Given Found Company Pig Circle Appropriate Smell Mad

The Whipps Spirits

“I’m British!”

There are no shy Spirits here. We promote spiritual growth and we are not bound by Earthly ties. We choose to remain until our job is done. We touch your leg, we hide under your bench, and we try to sell you on the idea that we are here!

We know there is division amongst you regarding your opinions about us, but don’t be weak! Stand your ground and leave your mark on this world while you can. Generally, there are many factors to prevent you from obtaining your goals, but soon you will be buried like us so take your best shot and get involved! Deal with life as it comes at you. Don’t coast through life! Take the wheel in both hands and market your talents. Not for money, but for the growth of your soul. You have been given the great gift of Life and you have found your way to us, so know that you are in loving company.

Are you acting like a pig with your life? Are you making a mess of it?

Look at the Circle of your Life Cycle and consider how appropriate your actions are. Does your life pass the Smell Test? Do your actions make you mad?

Come and see us. We’re here for you. You don’t have to believe.

We’ve given you proof!

The Next Investigation:

Robby and I will be on vacation next week, but we’ll continue to explore and investigate. It won’t be in Ellicott City, but it will be in Maryland.

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Give A Little And Get A Magical Gift from a King

I didn’t think it was possible to get another picture that would equal a picture of a Gnome, a Tree Spirit or a Ghost Dog, but…

We did.

When Robby and I started our investigations, I began secretly asking the Fairies to let me take a picture of them. I’ve had glimpses of them out of the corner of my eye and I’ve felt them – ever so fleetingly, but I’ve never actually seen one.

I kept hoping and unbelievably, my wish was granted.

Here’s how it happened.

This week’s investigation took us to the Ellicott Family Cemetery. Just off Main Street, on Old Columbia Pike, a Maryland Historical Society Road sign says: “Friends Meeting House and Graveyard”. The Ellicott brothers created this burial ground around 1775.

We always visit our investigation sites twice and on our first visit, not only did we get very little activity, but I was eaten alive by mosquitoes and we left pretty much empty handed.

Except for a picture of a Crabby Guy.

The picture is pretty cool, but this guy doesn’t look too happy.

Crabby Guy

Crabby Guy

The next time we visited the cemetery, I had an idea.

We took our fantastic Gnome and Tree Spirit picture after we had delivered a few gifts to the Ghost Dog, so I thought maybe we could sweeten the Crabby Guy with a few flowers for the graves, and maybe a little laughter.

I was humbled by the gifts we were given.

I picked flowers from my yard and I didn’t have enough flowers for all the graves, but I spread them around as best that I could. Robby and I also had fun.

Well, I had fun and Robby was embarrassed by his crazy mother.

I used the voice recorder and KII meter and I “interviewed” the spirits as if they were on a talk-show and I was the host. I went up to the tombstones, put the microphone up close and said,

“So John, tell the audience what you have to say for yourself.”


“Oh, your wife is the talker in your family? Now, that’s not what she said. You’d better speak up and defend yourself.”

Robby’s response was, “Mom! This isn’t a TV show!”

Maybe not, but the activity on the Ghost Radar increased exponentially from the time before, and I would later find out that we captured incredible photos from the Other Side.

Flowers and laughter chased away the Crabby Guy and brought us magic.

Here’s what we got:

I got a picture of someone peeking out at us from behind a gravestone. Not a shadow – this spirit is in full color.

Peeking Figure 2

Peeking Spirit
The tombstone was Ephraim Haines, born 1839, died 1873

Peeking Figure

Peeking Spirit

I got a picture of a colt – lounging on the cemetery wall. Or could it be a Unicorn?

Horse 1

Colt Spirit

Horse Outline 1

Colt Spirit Outline

I got a picture of three Fairies. One of them is the Fairy King, complete with a crown!

We got the word “Bronwen” on the Ghost Radar, so I’m calling him King Bronwen.

Fairy and Other Fairy

Fairy King, Partial Fairy and Tiny Girl Fairy

I know this one is hard to see, so I’ve done some extra outlines. Please forgive my outlines!

Fairy King Outline

Fairy King, Partial Fairy, Tiny Girl Fairy


Girl Fairy

Fairy Outline

Girl Fairy Outline

Foot and Ball

Fairy King Foot and Ball – Notice the Shoelaces!

Foot and Ball Outline

Fairy King Foot and Ball Outline

King Bronwen was sitting on top of one of the founders of Ellicott City’s tombstone: Andrew Ellicott, which is right next to his brother and other founder, John Ellicott.

John and Andrew Ellicott

John and Andrew Ellicott – and Fairies!

My belief in fairies, gnomes and nature spirits didn’t require photographic evidence, but now that I have been given his incredible gift, I feel as though I’ve been touched by magic. The small bouquet of flowers could never begin to equal the Kingly gift that I was given, but I will be forever grateful for their generosity.

Ellicott Family Cemetery Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

Soft Differ Position Mental Worried How Early Listen Here Part Trip Gold Rapidly Body Season Older Quick Definition Courage Frog Keep Shout Worry I’ll Bronwen Too Yesterday Whom Limited Above Hand Child Cut Important Poor Familiar Got Life Everything Sun Poetry Atom Engine

King Bronwen’s Sonnet

Tread softly on this hallowed ground.

Travelers from near and far may differ in their positions on the mental state of those who visit us, but for the worried, fear not.

How we came to be here is no mystery. Come early or late and listen, for those of us who dwell here stay because a part of us enjoyed the trip that was our life. Gold can fly rapidly from a physical body, but seasons pass as we get older and we quickly learn the definition of life and the courage to live it.

Learning to delight in the joy of a frog will keep you grounded.

Learning to shout your joy will keep worry away.

I’ll be here, King Bronwen, too and I will be with you yesterday and tomorrow. Whom you chose to come with is limited only by your imagination so rise above your doubts and give me your hand, as a trusting child to a loving parent. Cut loose and live for every day is important! Poor is the soul who grows familiar with failure and forgets how he got there. Live life as it is, where everything is precious and kissed by the Sun.

See poetry in an atom and it will fuel your soul’s engine giving you the power to live!

The Next Investigation:

Robby enjoyed the Ellicott Family Cemetery so much that he wants to do it again! He’ll be at Karate camp next week (he’s a Brown Belt), so I’m going to take this time to work on my novel, Both Sides.  We’ll be looking for another site to investigate as soon as Robby returns from camp.

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How About A Little Ghost With Your Wine?

Leisurely strolling down Main Street, stopping for a sip of wine, hearing ghost stories.

What could be better?

Unfortunately, Robby couldn’t go with me for this week’s investigation. I went on the Spirits Tour and you must be at least twenty-one years old to attend the tour. The walking tour takes you to four of Ellicott City’s establishments that sell alcohol and participants are invited to have a drink at each stop.

The Wine Bin: Formerly the Ellicott City Fire Station

The Wine Bins’ owner, Dave, was kind enough to tell us some ghostly tales about Captain Harry Shipley, the resident ghost.

I could feel the Captain as soon as I entered the store. I felt that he was far from threatening, in fact, from the stories that I heard on the Spirit Tour, the Captain seemed quite playful. It is obvious that the Captain loves his Fire Station home and he shares it with the current owners.

I didn’t need any validation that Captain Shipley was present, but I got it anyway. Dave talked about the movies that he shows outside on the wall of the Wine Bin and he mentioned two Jimmy Stewart movies. Jimmy Stewart is my cousin so I knew that was a sign to me that that Captain was present. I captured a photo with four Orbs so obviously Shipley is not alone. I’m certain that one of the Orbs was a former firehouse dog.

Wine Bin 2

Four Wine Bin Orbs

Ellicott Mills Brewing Company: Formerly the Talbot Lumber and Supply Building

I took one of the best photos of the night here. I didn’t see it until the review, but in one of the photos there was a Shadow Man and a Shadow Child standing next to him. The figures seemed too clear, so I went back to the Brewing Company a few days later to see if it could have been a reflection of someone in a window.

There was no window.

When I showed the picture to the Brewing Company story-teller from the Spirits Tour, he said, “Of course it’s him. We get that all the time.”

He was referring to the resident ghost who hung himself in the building during the Great Depression.

Obviously, the Shadow Man had been watching us from above and even did a bit of posing for the camera.

But who is the smaller person next to him?

The Shadow Man used to have a family, so is he telling us that he has been reunited with them? Is this his child?

I certainly hope so.

Brewing Man and Child

Shadow Man and Child

2013-07-11 08.52.13

Shadow Man Original Photo – Upper Left Corner

Brewery Orb

Brewery Orb

The Diamondback Tavern

Tales of Davey Crockett and a Ghost Girl with long brunette hair made this former livery stable a tavern rich with ghostly history.

I took several photos in a hallway where the Ghost Girl has been seen. In one photo there is a clear Orb and in the next photo, taken immediately after, the Orb is gone.

The Tavern was full of patrons that night, and I’m certain that the resident ghosts were also in attendance.

Diamondback Tavern Orb

Diamondback Tavern Orb

2013-07-11 09.39.27

Rumor Mill Alley Mist

The Rumor Mill

Not to be outdone, The Rumor Mill has a Man in the Bowler Hat spirit who makes believers out of skeptics. Our Rumor Mill tour guide that night admitted to being a former skeptic, but not after his encounters with the Man in the Bowler Hat.

It’s no wonder. The Rumor Mill building used to be owned by an undertaker!

Just outside, before we entered the Rumor Mill, I took two pictures. I took almost the same shot twice, but the first time there was a strange mist in the photo, and in the shot immediately after – no mist! I took the pictures one after the other and there was barely a second between the shots so if it was fog, (which we didn’t see that night) it was the speediest fog that I ever saw!

Then I took another photo that bothered me for days. I knew there was something about the photo that I needed to see, but I couldn’t figure it out. As with the Brewing Company, I went back to the Rumor Mill a few days later and I asked to take the same shot. They were kind enough to oblige and I got a picture in daylight for comparison.

I was about to write it off as nothing, but in two other photos of the same room, I found a very bright Orb and in another picture, I saw two very light Orbs, right in the area that I was questioning. I took another look at the first photo…and I found it. It was close to where the Orbs were. They were obviously showing me where to look.

It was a Bowler Hat!

On a chair, there appears to be a large Orb, with a brim, sitting on the chair seat.  The Man in the Bowler Hat is said to be seen sitting at the tables.

He let me take a picture of his hat, and he bugged me until I saw it!

They do that sometimes.

Bowler Hat

Bowler Hat

Bowler Hat Larger

Bowler Hat

Bright Orb

Rumor Mill Orb

Bowler Hat Outline 1

Bowler Hat Outline

Spirits Tour Ghost Radar Conversation

Words From the Other Side:

Flight Stranger Factor Combine Father Thread Halfway Ben Forth Stuck Dutch Facing Mixture Relationship Path Level Package Wide Party Beginning End Car Quarter Object Characterization Somebody Age It Score Drove Surprise Metal Drive History Only Imagine Advice Mud Kind Help Buffalo Parent Push Probably Love Riding Cannot Mr. Except Raise Kristin Primitive Find Star Property Stepped He’d Mood

Wandering Souls

Take Flight ye Strangers of fear and gloom! Our factors of history demand that you to combine our Father with yours! Never forget that we are woven together with the same Spiritual Thread and you exist halfway between Heaven and Hell! Ben, the scoundrel, brought forth treasonous tales and he was doomed to remain stuck in his Dutch attire, facing a mortifying mixture of shame and everlasting woe! His relationship with non-believers led him down a path of blindness and took him to a terrifying level of morbidity. Tragedy was like a package, delivered to his door, and when opened, it laid wide his weakness for being misled.

The party was a ruse and the beginning of the end for him. Better that a car had run him over than to meet his end of being drawn and quartered. Always the object of scorn and envy, such characterization could only lead to somebody eventually cutting his life short at such an early age. It was a score for the Grim Reaper that drove the town to feign surprise as the undertaker hammered away at his metal and wood sarcophagus. The horse drawn hearse was a drive into history down the only path that one could imagine as doomed for eternity. No advice was heeded and when the mud-slinging began, not a kind word was said to help the former Buffalo Soldier and parent of sorrow on his ghostly journey. The push from a neighbor was probably the only love that he could expect. Riding away cannot stop Mr. Lonely from finding anything except a broken heart.

Raise a glass to Kristin! Her primitive nature is a welcome find in this wretched life. She is our shining star who guards our property that is stepped in blood.

If he’d only known the mood of the city, he would never have come.

Now he was doomed, never to leave.

The Next Investigation:

The Ellicott Family Cemetery

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Do You Have A Gnome On Your Shoulder?

Robby does!

Here’s the picture to prove it. That’s Robby holding the equipment and I took the picture.

Gnome 1

Gnome on Robby’s Shoulder and Tree Spirit

Gnome 2

Gnome Close Up

Gnome and Tree Spirit Original Photo

Gnome and Tree Spirit Original Photo

Gnome and Tree Spirit Outline

Gnome and Tree Spirit Outline

Hell House Face

Tree Spirit Close Up

Here’s the story:

I wasn’t certain that I could find the legendary “Hell House” because the buildings no longer exist, so that’s why I didn’t commit last week to where the investigation would be.

But even without buildings, it was an extraordinary investigation!

The Hell House began as a tavern on property purchased by the founders of Ellicott City. The tavern was not successful due to inconvenient railroad access, so the land was sold to the Redemptorists, which later became the St. Mary’s College for boys. The college thrived and operated for over a century until declining interest forced it to close in 1972.

That’s when the abandoned college became the Hell House and the ghost stories began. Fires destroyed the buildings and they were eventually torn down, so the location of the college was difficult to determine.  Part of the property was sold and added to Patapsco State Park, so that’s where Robby and I went, to the overlook where the Hell House used to be visible.

As I was climbing Buzzards Rock Trail, I asked the spirits from the St. Mary’s College to join us at the overlook. As it turned out, we got more than we could possibly have hoped for.

These spirits weren’t as talkative as most, but it’s probably because we were communicating with Elementals, as well as spirits from the Other Side. Elementals are Nature Spirits: fairies, gnomes, sylphs, etc.  We didn’t know it at the time that a Gnome was sitting on Robby’s shoulder and a Tree Spirit was looking on!

We also got a name: Joe.

Joe and the Elementals were friendly and warned us to be careful on the steep and rocky paths. It was also getting dark so the footing was tricky. At one point, as we were descending to the main trial, I felt a strong urge to turn around and take a picture. The picture that I took shows an extremely bright light in the lower right corner. I don’t believe that this is a bug. I took hundreds of shots and I captured plenty of fireflies, but they were never as bright as this. I was told to take this shot and I believe that it is an Elemental, especially since Robby had just mentioned them a moment before. He was walking ahead of me on the trail and he asked me why I stopped and turned around to take that picture. He had the Ghost Radar and he would tell me when we got a “Blip” and I would take a picture. We captured many great Orbs this way. I told him that I was directed to take that shot and I’m glad that I listened.

2013-07-07 08.24.47

Elemental – Bright Light

As always, I researched the history of the location after the investigation and I found that Father Joseph Hempraecht signed the contract of sale for the property on June 12, 1866 with George Ellicott, Jr.

That was Joe.

The Gnome said his name was Gerry, and he specifically said, “As in Jerry Garcia, but with a “G” (for Gnome).”

Our investigation exceeded my wildest expectations and it was worth the climb in near 100 degree heat and humidity.

The Hell House investigation was as hot as Hell, but for us it was an Elemental Wonderland.

St. Mary’s College Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

Parallel Steam Bridge Trade Vessels Careful Duty Position Cut Greatly Report Hurt Joe Else

Gerry’s Story

In this parallel universe that we live in, we (the Elementals) can choose to be seen, or not. On this particularly steamy day, I received a message from an interesting pair as they crossed the bridge into the park. They peaked my interest because they had just visited the Paper Mill across the river where they left a toy and treat for George Bolton, the Ghost Mill Guard Dog. Since this is highly unusual behavior, to acknowledge one of us, I decided that a trade should be made for their kindness. I would honor their request with our presence.

We warned these two Earth Vessels to be careful on their steep trek towards us. It is our duty to protect everyone within our realm and we were in a precarious position as their journey was difficult.

With our help, they ascended to our outlook hot and tired, with only a minor cut to show for their trial. We were greatly relieved since we were anxious to see them.

They asked us to communicate with them but we don’t do well with reports, so I allowed my picture to be taken. I was a bit disappointed and hurt at the time because they were focused on Joe, but their enthusiasm upon seeing us in the photographs made up for any bruised feelings.

What else can you do but forgive them when they made such a fuss?

Hell House Orb 3

Comet Tail Orb

Hell House 2 Orb

Blue and Green Orb

Hell House Orb 4

Bright Hell House Orb

Next Week’s Investigation:

Main Street Spirits Tour!

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Do Angels Hang Out in Cemeteries?

Of course they do, and I have a picture to back up that claim.

St. Mary’s Cemetery is on Ilchester Road in Ellicott City. It was established in 1894 so it is rich with history. The size of the cemetery is small now, but it used to occupy over three acres.   In the early 1990’s a developer bought the property intending to build homes, but a preservation society was able to save approximately one-third of the original cemetery.

This is where we conducted our investigation. Records indicate that there are graves that aren’t marked with headstones because the people were slaves or poor, so besides the few tombstones at St. Mary’s Cemetery, there could be unmarked graves.

The Ghost Radar started talking before we even got out of the car. We got the name “Danny”, so we decided to look for the name Danny on the tombstones.

We located him fairly quickly. At the top of a large obelisk-shaped tombstone was the name: “Daniel C. 1915 – 1915”  As I was taking a picture of the tombstone, I couldn’t imagine the pain and suffering that Danny’s parents underwent. Daniel was at the top of the headstone, then beneath him was his brother, who had lived to be three years old, and beneath them were twins, who also died in infancy like Daniel.

Here was the grave of four babies from one family, and this is where I captured the picture of an angel holding a baby.   If you look closely, you can see the baby’s eyes and mouth and the side profile of a female angel holding him.

Original Angel with Baby Photo - look on the right side next to Daniel's Name

Original Angel with Baby Photo – look on the right side next to Daniel’s Name

Angel holding Baby

Angel holding Baby

Outline of Angel holding Baby

Outline of Angel holding Baby

As Robby and I left the cemetery that day, I waved good-bye to the spirits and yelled out of the car window, “Bye! See you guys tomorrow!” I could feel a crowd of smiling spirits waving back and I could feel their joyous anticipation over our promised visit.

The first visit was during the day so we returned the next evening after dark. I felt welcomed and the spirits were eager to talk to us. Someone was a doctor who was either from India or had visited India. The word “Engineer” came through. With Ellicott City’s historic railroad this could easily be someone associated with the railroad.

Another dog was mentioned, or could it have been George Bolton again? He was just a short distance down the road so perhaps he was afraid that we’d forgotten about him!

Not a chance George.

The pictures that night were filled with orbs.  Some of these orbs could be bugs or dust, and most were opaque, but one orb stood out and was brighter and more brilliant than all the rest.

These are the spirits of St. Mary’s Cemetery. They are located very near our house so it was wonderful getting to know them and it’s nice to know that we have such friendly neighbors!

Original St. Mary's Cemetery Orb Photo

Original St. Mary’s Cemetery Orb Photo

St. Mary's Cemetery Orb

St. Mary’s Cemetery Orb

St. Mary’s Cemetery Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

Danny Operation Model Morning Gray Mars Build Sky Flame Weren’t Grown Engineer Cloud

Mail Far Mighty Dog Famous Quick Equally Doctor India Clearly Observe Plan Mississippi

Danny’s Story

I like the name Danny. I wasn’t crazy about the whole birthing operation and I was far from being called a model patient, but I arrived in the early morning under gray skies. Mars was still shining on the horizon as my father attempted to build a fire to chase away the chill in the air. The sky soon filled with ashes from the flame climbing up the chimney, but we weren’t worried about the fire.

It was strong, but I wasn’t.

Like my brothers and sister before me, I would soon follow them to the Other Side.

If I had grown up, I would have been an Engineer. I could see myself driving a powerful steam engine leaving a cloud of smoke as I delivered cargo, passengers and mail to far-away lands. I’d have a mighty dog who traveled with me and we’d become famous for our quick trips across the country.  Equally famous would be my best friend, who was a doctor in India.

Clearly, these things didn’t happen, but I still observe this world and I still dream.

My plan was to leave my brief mark on this world. Next time I think I’ll stay a little longer, maybe I’ll try Mississippi….

The Next Investigation

Next week we will be investigating the remains of the Orange Grove Flour Mill.

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Volcanic Eruption in Ellicott City!

In June of 2003 the debris from Simkins Paper Mill erupted over Ellicott City like Mount Vesuvius.

It was ten years ago this month when I stood outside with my neighbors watching ash cover our homes, yards and cars. The sun was setting as word spread that Simkins Mill was burning down.

The ash from the paper mill filled the sky. This was not the first mill fire, nor would it be the last, but this fire severely damaged the mill and forced it to shut down forever. Built in the 1820’s, it was converted to a paper mill in the late 1920’s and it remained in operation until 2003.

Today the abandoned mill lies in ruin. There have been many stories of hauntings over the years, so Robby and I decided to make the paper mill our first official paranormal investigation site.

We were not disappointed!

Strangely, the mill has been abandoned for ten years, but two days after our investigation, a newspaper article was released stating, “Demolition Begins on Simkins Mill.”

Coincidence? I don’t believe in them. There was a story here that needed to be told.

We began with an evening investigation and finished up the following day. Both times we were able to capture remarkable photos.

Original Casper Photo

Casper: The Friendly Orb 

Casper Orb

The first night of our investigation was profound. We captured a “Casper Orb” on the road side of the mill building. I have photographed many orbs, and most are light and opaque, but this orb was bright and I’ve never seen one with a face!

Original Ghost Dog Photo – Look at the top of the lower left window

George Bolton: Ghost Dog

George Bolton – Ghost Dog

Ghost Dog Outline

The next day, Robby and I walked along the river bank and took pictures of the back of the mill building. As we walked, the Ghost Radar app was talking up a storm and there was mention of a dog twice.

Once when the Ghost Radar said, “Dog”, I took a picture of a window. We were looking at a certain window because there was a long string hanging in front of it and the string started swinging wildly. A bird could have caused the string to move, but combined with the app telling us about a dog, I felt that we were being directed to take a picture in that particular area.

We were.

At the top of a window, there is a Ghost Dog looking out at us.

His name is George Bolton.

  •  Friend or Foe?

The ghost stories that I’ve read about Simkins Mill are spooky and scary, but Robby and I found a friendly spirit showing itself as Casper, and a cute puppy dog who wanted to be recognized.

Since the demolition of the mill is finally imminent, I think these two spirits wanted to be remembered as friends, not as evil spirits. The mill is obviously dear to them and they wanted the good times to be remembered, not the ruins.

Simkins Mill Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

Ben Bone Battle Have Stick Dawn Divide Held Pictured Right Either Living Vapor Discovery

Tonight Mark Handsome Variety Dog Flower Won Mind Movement Calm Mission Pole Bowl

Saturday Discussion Begun Far Mighty Dog

George Bolton: Ghost Dog of Simkins Mill 

His Story

Ben and I worked at the mill. Whenever he brought a juicy bone for me, we would have a pretend battle over it and I would have to probably fetch a stick, but the reward was well worth it. Ben was good to me.

Dawn came early at the mill. Men would divide into work groups as they held their tools and settled in for the day. I have to admit, this is not the life that I pictured for myself. On my right were noisy machines and on my left were even noisier machines. You could either love them or hate them, but either way they created a way of living in this mill.

Life was good and I enjoyed my job as the mill guard dog, but today felt different. Something was wrong.

As an eerie vapor mist rose from the river, I made a discovery tonight that would prove to be my last.

Mark, the night manager, was vain and believed himself to be far more handsome than he was, but he carried a variety of treats that any dog would beg for so I tolerated him.

With a flower tucked in his vest pocket, he certainly won the best dressed award at the mill, but his mind was elsewhere tonight.  His movement towards me was calm, but I could tell that he was on a mission. He had a strange pole in his hand as he put the bowl down in front of me…

It was a Saturday when I crossed over.  There was a discussion over how the fire had begun, but their conclusions were far from the truth.

I want to be remembered as the Mighty Mill Dog.

I remain on guard, as always.

The Next Investigation

Next week’s Investigation will be at the St. Mary’s Cemetery on Ilchester Road in Ellicott City.

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The Snowball Effect: How It Began

Howard County Historical Society Museum

Howard County Historical Society Museum

This is how a simple idea turned into a plan to explore our home town, Ellicott City, Maryland, by doing paranormal investigations.

It began as a quest to come up with a unique birthday party for my son, Robby, to celebrate his 16th birthday in October. I invented the “America’s Next Top Model” 16th birthday party for my daughter and it was a huge success. I hired photographers and a make-up artist and we ended up with over 2,000 pictures!

But an unusual birthday party theme for a 16-year old boy is tough and I was beginning to lose hope. Then one night when Robby and I were watching our paranormal shows, it hit me.

A “Paranormal Investigation” party! Robby loved the idea and so did his friends.

But where should I begin?

I called a local paranormal society and they recommended that I talk to Karen Griffiths at the Howard County Historical Society Museum in Ellicott City. We visited her at the museum to discuss the party and Karen was wonderful! A group of high school students had just done a paranormal investigation in the museum for a school project and there have been other investigations at the museum, so Karen agreed that Robby could have his Paranormal Investigation Birthday Party at the museum.

I think the ghosts at the museum were in favor of the idea too.

As soon as I entered the building I felt them. The museum definitely had spirits and the Ghost Radar app agreed. Robby and I use the Ghost Radar app when we watch paranormal shows. The spirits love to talk and we have had many conversations with them. The app displays a “blip” when a spirit is around, but it also displays words when the spirits communicate.

Karen was telling us about the museum spirits and when she mentioned one particular spirit, the Ghost Radar said his name,


We hadn’t intended to perform an investigation that day, but already David was making his presence known.

The Ghost Radar conversation consists of random words. I like to make up stories when the spirits talk to us. Many times the words correspond with what we are talking about or doing, but often times it’s a mystery, which makes it even more fun!  My interpretation of the messages from each investigation will follow our actual findings.

We had so much fun at the museum that we decided to get plenty of practice for the birthday party and explore Ellicott City doing paranormal investigations.

We conducted our first investigation at Simkins Mill.

Wait until you see the Casper Orb and Ghost Dog photos!

Even my husband, a non-believer, was amazed.

Howard County Historical Society Museum Ghost Radar Conversation

Words from the Other Side:

Definition  Afternoon  Team   Package  Race  Mark  Noun  Arrive

Settle  Stop  Into  Carry  David  Damage  Man Low  Opinion  Origin

The Voice of David

The definition of a museum is a place to store valuable historical items. I am the official overseer of the Howard County Historical Society Museum. This afternoon we had some new visitors. A team of investigators submitted their proposal for an interesting birthday package to Karen.

It was a race up the stairs, with Mark following close behind me, uttering a noun that I rarely use. He was not pleased about being interrupted when the new guests chose to arrive. We hopped up onto the Grand Organ as plans were discussed and we were about to settle in to listen when Little-Miss-Busy-Body cried,


“Why is she always butting her nose into our affairs?” Mark groaned, as the two of them faced off nose-to-nose.

I carry a heavy burden as overseer.

David,” someone said.

They were talking about me so I had to listen in, just in case damage control was needed.

A guest artist, Wiley Purkey, was displaying his artwork at the museum today. For a man with a low opinion of “our kind”, I had to question the origin of the painting that he sold the new visitors. From the looks of the print, I’d say he was a believer, but he doesn’t want to admit it.

I guess we’d better do a better job of convincing him.

“Come on, Miss Busy-Body. You too, Mark.”

“Let’s show him who’s really in charge of this place!”

Spirits of PFI by Wiley Purkey

Spirits of PFI by Wiley Purkey

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